MR-12T Kiddie ride train

    Electric Riding Train

    All-metal construction with powder coat finishes
    Classic 2-6-0 configuration: two wheels in front, six powered wheels in the middle and zero wheels in back
    Four electric motors (250 watts x 4 = 1000 watts/1KW) providing a total of 1.34 HP
    1600 lbs. of total pulling power up a 3% grade
    Polished brass sand and steam domes, bell and trim
    Riding tender with padded operator’s seat /operator interlock seat switch
    Electronically-controlled smoke and steam generator
    Digital sound system with speed-controlled “chuff” sounds, whistle and bell sounds; two main speakers with subwoofer
    Control panel with switches for keyed on/off, emergency stop, light and sounds, smoke
    Rotary throttle knob forward/reverse
    LCD panel with motor status and MPH/KPH indications
    Electronic speed control with integrated regenerative/anti-lock braking
    Parking brake
    Four (4) sealed, non-spill maintenance-free rechargeable batteries (Type U1)
    10-amp, 24 VDC/110 VAC automatic battery charger
    Authentic “Denver and Rio Grande” lettering on tender; optional custom lettering
    Serialized builders' plate – makes every locomotive a Limited Collector’s Edition
    Dimensions of locomotive: 23” high x 15.6” wide x 56.4” long (584mmH x 396mmW x 1433mmL)
    Dimensions of riding tender: 17.7” high x 20.4” wide x 34.8” long (450mmH x 518mmW x 884mmL)
    Weight of locomotive: 177 lbs. (81kg)
    Weight of riding tender (without batteries): 115 lbs. (52 kg)
    Weight of riding tender (including batteries): 215 lbs. (98 kg)

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