MR-40L trackless train

     Batteries trackless train

    Locomotive part

    Length: 3950 mm
    Width: 1680 mm
    Height: 2260 mm
    CHASSIS:Heavy duty rigid steel sectional structure.
    BODY:Fibreglass reinforced plastic body with integrated coloured gelcoat.
    ENGINE:Electric, three-phase, 80V alternating current, power 18 Kw, 2.040 rpm, maximum torque 370 Nm at 530 rpm
    BATTERY: Lithium battery: voltage 80 V, capacity 70 Ah
    TRANSMISSION:Rear mechanical transmission
    BRAKES:Hydraulic double pipe, Both Directions Increasing Power Automatically
    Hanging Absorption of Shock: Plate spring,Dependent Hanging Frame

    Coach part:
    Length:4000 mm
    Width:1840 mm
    Height:2250 mm
    CHASSIS:In reinforced galvanised steel section.
    FLOOR:anti-skid floor
    BRAKES:central brake
    STEERING: four wheels steering


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