MR-40KF electric trackless train

    electric trackless train
    Locomotive part:
    Passenger Capacity :2
    1.Style :Imitating Antiquity
    2. Max. Speed(Full load):16km/h
    3、Model of Motor:XQ-10H
    1) Rated Power:10.3KW
    2) Rated Voltage:72V
    3) Rated Current:165A
    4) Rated Rotation:1800r/min
    5) Quota:60min
    6) Excitation Mode:series excitation
    7) Insulation Grade:F
    8) Max. Rotation:3200r/min
    9) Protection:IP20
    4.Type of Wheel: Pneumatic tyre 185/70R14 Strengthening Meridian
    5.Gear Box: CAS5-20G7
    6. Turning Radius:6.5m
    7、Type of Drive : Transmitting Rear Shaft and Axle by Constant-speed joint Driving.
    8、Track: Front  1220 mm Rear 1320mm   Front hanging 1240mm
    9、Wheelbase :2370mm
    10、Groung Clearance:540mm
    11、Hanging Absorption of Shock: Plate spring,Dependent Hanging Frame.
    12、Driving Brake:Hydraulicdoublepipe, Both Directions Increasing Power Automatically,
    Parking Brake:Hand brake
    13、Steering: Manual steering
    14、Type of Towing: RWX-01 towing divice without gap
    15、Dimension:(mm) 3950*1600*2110
    16、Total Weight: 2800kg
    17.1、Controllor Model: CURTIS 600A/72V
    17.2、Battery Model:840Ah/2V*36
    17.3、Stereo,FM frequency modulation,loudspeaker
    17.4、Headlight、turn light、brake light、warning light
    17.5 Charger:automatic charger
    18、Chassis Structure: H Carline,Whole Welding

    Coach Part:
    1.completely open coach with safe chains
    2、Dimension (mm) 3950*1700*2420(without towing structure)
    3、、Front Track 1150mm
    4、Rear Track 1150mm
    5、Wheelbase: 2260mm
    6、Passenger Capacity:4*5 20 seats
    7、Groung Clearance: 540mm
    8、Hanging Absorption of Shock : Plate spring,Dependent Hanging Frame.
    9、Brake: central brake
    Trains are all with Independent Air Brake Installations.
    10、Steering: Four Wheels Steering Device;Exact Tracing System
    11、Wheight(without load): 1000kg
    12 Decoration:
    1)Body: Steel Frame、Imported Rubber Clothes、Fiberglass Body.
    2)Door:Semi-complete Protective Door with Hand Lock
    3)Floor:Aluminum Alloy Protective Skid Floor, Guest Floorboard
    4)Seat:Imported Rubber Clothes、Fiberglass Body.
    1)Lamps and Loudspeakers
    2)Trailer and Emergency Button
    14、Frame Structure
    Medium Truck Chassis, Phosphorization against Rusty
    15、Body Painting:Imported Sub-bright/Bright Paint.

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