MR-05KR electric mini train

    electric trackless ride

    electric mini train

    The kiddie ride is one of our funny train with trackless feature. Several routes can be created simply by drawing a line or sticking bands on a floor, while there is not any rail with the design concept, all of the integral parts are being powered with the strong batteries. Therefore it can become operational between 10 hours or more without any charging.

    Our kiddie ride consists of one locomotive and 5 wagons. It can be operated on the marble, granite, tile, ceramic floors. The transportation & installation are very easy.


    Locomotive : W100CM X L117.5CM” X H80CM Weight: 122KG
    Wagon : W70CM X L102.5CM XH 70CM Weight: 27.5KG (per wagon)
    Speed : ~2mph
    Equipped with : Seatbelts, Integrated Mp3 player


    One locomotive with five wagons

    100CM duct tape

    Mickrod Kiosk

    One T-shirt for employee

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