MR-24S electric trackless train

    electric trackless train

    Locomotive:Length 310cm(122’)Width 101cm(40’)Height 190cm(75’) Weight 620kg(1367lbs)Battery Group: 8 pcs 6V250AH Lead Acid Battery

    Max. Speed: 8KM/H

    Motor: 48V 3KW DC Motor

    Coach: Length 157cm(62’) Width 91cm(36’) Height 170cm(67’) Weight 100kg(220lbs)

    Length with towing rod 215cm(85’)

    Rated Loading: 4 adults or 6 kids

    Overall: Length (one locomotive with four coaches)1120cm(441’) Width 101cm(40’) Height 190cm(75’)

    Weight(one locomotive with four coaches):1020kg(2250lbs)

    Max. Loading:16 adults 24kids

    Max Gradient:5%

    Min. Turning Radius:2.7M

    Running time with full loading:8 hours


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